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Taking a retrospective view of this hobby, I am sure I would have given up years back if it had not been for the enthusiasm and education given by my designated astrophotography gurus. These guys not only have the in depth knowledge gained from years of experience but they each have their own style, humour and above all know how to produce professional short YouTube video’s – a huge achievement in itself.

If you have not seen their recent offerings, go take a peek, especially if you are new to this hobby. 

Thanks guys, take a bow!

YouTube gurus Dylan O'Donnell

Dylan O'Donnell

Dylan’s You tube channel is called Star Stuff, He is  a witty and informative aussie, and a software guy by profession (that can’t be bad!). His depth of knowledge is impressive and he loves Celestrion gear. Well produced video’s on multiple subjects with a great dose of humour often injected – ones to definetely watch.

YouTube gurus Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones

Trevor produces fanatasic videos on his channel AstroBackyard, helped ably by his dog Rudy and he has a really good website full of great help for beginners. Trevor is a hands-on astrophotographer relying less on automation and more on being there outside with the gear. I always enjoy his stuff.

YouTube gurus Sean Nielsen

Sean Neilsen

Sean brands his channel and his website as Visible Dark (great original name). What I love about Sean is the quality of his PixInsight tutorials. Thanks Sean you have helped me lots with this capable but complex software.

Away from You Tube and more towards software automation on platforms like the Raspberry Pi, I cannot thank the INDI user groups enough but a very special mention goes out to these astrophotography gurus who without which our hobby would be a poorer place. Its not often we get anything in Astronomy this good, so cheap. Its a true sign of the generous and expert community that astro-photographers have become.

You Tube Gurus

Jasem Mutlaq

Jasem is the primary maintainer of Kstar & Ekos and does a lot of work with the INDI platform. When I first started using it I was amazed by this compact, simple but really effective platform which I find intuitive and reliable now I know it so well. His is also the seller of Stellarmate. I am not affiliated but Stellarmate is a fab bit of kit as he deserves kudos for what must have been hours of work. Also check out his great website for IKarus Robotic Observatory.

you tube gurus

Radek Kaczorek

Radek is the creator and maintainer of Astroberry on GitHub. I am amazed how someone who is a company CEO and Professional speaker even finds the time for this. Again masive kudos to Radek, how often do we get something so brilliant for free, I donated him $10, even as a software guy myself, he saved me tons of time and I just love Astroberry!

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